A qualifying patient, during the process of registration, must indicate on his application the following options on how he will obtain his medical marijuana:

  • Cultivate his own marijuana
  • Both cultivate his own medical marijuana and obtain it from either the primary caregiver or licensed medical center
  • Obtain it from either a primary caregiver or a licensed medical marijuana center


The Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry allows the registered qualifying patient and the designated primary caregiver to cultivate medical marijuana with no more than six (6) plants, with three (3) or fewer being mature, flowering plants producing a usable form of marijuana.

The law also authorizes the operation of licensed medical marijuana centers and medical marijuana-infused products manufacturers where qualifying patients or designated primary caregivers may purchase medical marijuana. When these entities have an Optional Premises Cultivation license, they are also allowed to cultivate marijuana for medical purposes only.

A primary caregiver is prohibited to join with another caregiver(s) for the purpose of growing marijuana. If two or more caregivers reside in the same household and each cultivates marijuana for his respective patients, the plants must be maintained in such a way that they are separately identified according to the caregivers who planted them.

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